Tracking & Analytics

We share our expertise in app tracking and app analytics with your employees so that you know how your users are engaging with your product. Learn how to track post-install events and what to do with the insights and raw data you gather. Our workshop in app analytics will ensure that your team is proficient with different Mobile Measurement Platforms (MMPs) and mobile attribution techniques.


Mobile Marketing

With this workshop, we turn your team into app marketing experts. We train your team on a wide range of mobile marketing strategies, such as User Acquisition, Retargeting, and App Store Optimization (ASO). They will master the techniques needed to segment audiences so that your business can maximize its app marketing ROI. 

Mobile 360

Interested in both our racking & analytics and our mobile marketing workshops? Combine the two with our comprehensive Mobile 360 workshop. This course is ideal for mobile marketing teams or startups where one person fills multiple roles. Like all of our workshops, Mobile 360 is suitable for both groups and individual team members and can be customised to fit your specific needs.

Hiring Support

Hire only the best for your mobile marketing & tech team. We bring years’ of expert knowledge and experience to your recruiting process in order to assist you in discovering and selecting highly qualified and competent candidates who will help make your company’s vision a reality.

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