Product Analytics

We guide you through various Product Analytics platforms, such as Firebase, Amplitude or Mixpanel, so that you can better understand your users, improve their experience and increase retention rates. We provide assistance with integration and account configuration. With our QA support, we help you deliver the best product for your users.

Deep Linking

Unlike traditional weblinks, deep linking directs your users straight to in-app pages, resulting in higher numbers of installs and a smoother user experience. We implement Universal Links and provide QA so that you can send users to the correct page within your app with just a tap. 

Crash & Bug Analytics

Bug in the system? We help you streamline your bug and crash reporting so that you can deliver high-performing and smooth-running apps. With our support for Crashlytics setup, we ensure you have access to real-time crash reporting so that you can cut down on your troubleshooting time and focus on creating your optimal user experience.

Product Management

We carve out a robust strategy and provide the expert insights that will help you define a vision for your app. We prioritize requests for features and develop a roadmap for future releases based on your unique business goals. We empower you to execute a plan that is responsive to changing market conditions.

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