Reporting and Data Reconciliations

Ensuring data consistency across multiple tracking & analytics platforms.

Issue & Method

Issue: data discrepancies between the three main marketing platforms:

Despite months of troubleshooting, the issue persisted within the connection of Google Analytics (GA), the attribution platform, and the backend, 

Main Points:

  • Find a common identifier to compare platforms
  • Understand the tracking system of each software platform


When it comes to troubleshooting, it is fundamental to understand every platform’s purpose. In our client’s case, we analysed how each platform was working and tracking and identified the commonalities between them.

In this case, we found that by separating each issue there was no connection between the discrepancies found on the three platforms. However, after closer analysis, we detected two main problems and delivered appropriate solutions to tackle both.

  1. GA was receiving duplicate data from the attribution provider. As the two most common integrate methods did not show any unusual patterns, we proceeded to review multiple non-conventional ways of sending data, and that’s where we found the issue. 
  2. The internal system was assigning an identification number based on specific user and device data. The platform’s use of different matching points, as well as the wrong reinterpretation of performance,  was causing confusion. We provided the client with a set of best practices to follow when comparing different platforms.