Deeplinking Solutions

By leveraging the latest technology, users could experience the smooth app flow and a fully optimised newsletter.

Issue & Method

Issue: difficulties with deep linking iOS users from the newsletter into the app. 

The CRM tool used was adding a layer of redirection on the top of the Universal Link tracking URL, breaking the path to the app and preventing reattribution.


  • Enable UL in the client console and get the domain
  • Create a deep linking concept
  • Implement Universal Links in the SDK
  • Create a landing page for users coming from the newsletter



At the time the issue was reported, the only working solution was provided by Due to resource restraints, our client was unable to afford an extra deep link provider. We were able to find a cheaper solution which effectively tracked every touch point.

We placed a URL within the newsletter that was linked to a web landing page. We strategically updated this landing page with CTA buttons that were further personalised for particular user preferences and differing platforms. For example, on iOS, we embedded a dynamic deep link into the CTA for a better user experience.

This update in deep links in the web environment worked perfectly for existing implementation. Users were reattributed seamlessly and the newsletter was fully optimised.