Customised Database Solutions

By improving the raw data loop and automation processes, we saved our client over 35% in total costs.

Issue & Method

Issue: raw data storage and raw data reporting readiness.


  • Define a solution to align with low-budget requirements
  • Source a cloud for data storage
  • Find an effective database
  • Automate data forwarding from the server to the database



Aware of the client’s limited resources, we looked for the most efficient combination of technology which maintained a low monthly cost.

First, we ran a tracking health check to see if all events and attributions were tracked correctly. We then made sure that all critical metadata and information was collected before being sent to the client’s server. Additionally, we organised all relevant parameters to ensure that they were ready for use and easily modified for future needs.

Based on the client’s data size, we decided to go for a flexible cloud service with a private provider rather than the common solution offered by Amazon.

For the final step, we opted for a relational database and created a sustainable script that automatically forwarded relevant data on an hourly basis. 

We saved over 35% in total costs, compared to our client’s original solution.